About PH Bidding Group

PH Bidding was formed in 2018 after branching off from its parent company PlanHouse.

As the Legislatures of Mississippi established a requirement for electronic bidding and reverse auctions, the need for a reliable solution to the new legislation spread rapidly across the state.

Our company was already doing electronic bidding for a number of years and decided to step up to fill the void for many locations throughout the state.

Since then, PH Bidding has provided electronic bid management and full-service reverse auction services to dozens of counties, cities, and other public entities across Mississippi.

Currently, PH Bidding offers fully hands-on reverse auction services, electronic bid management and documents distribution, and surplus equipment sales which allows purchasing agents to streamline the bidding process and ensure every bid gains as much exposure as possible.

"PH Bidding has been a remarkable solution for the City of Biloxi for several years! We could not be happier with our decision to use PH Bidding as our electronic bidding solution!"

Jenneth Roberts—City of Biloxi

"The amount of time and effort saved by using PH Bidding can’t be overstated…… We have had numerous vendors tell us how easy the electronic bid process is through PH Bidding."

Jennifer Mayfield—Mississippi State University

The customer service that PH Bidding gives is top-notch. Not once have I ever received a complaint from any of our clients or contractors when using the PH Bidding website or the local office. Not a single complaint. We couldn’t be more pleased with PH Bidding & we think others will feel the same way!

Jennifer Nobles—Neel-Schaffer, Inc

PH Bidding maintains good relationships with their clients and provides the necessary training and knowledge to navigate and utilize their bid management sites effectively.

Lucy Sanguinetti—Albert & Robinson Architects